Youth Community

First Church of Lombard’s  ministry for High Schoolers is our Youth Community, composed of those in 9th through 12th grades and a team of dedicated leaders.   FCL's Youth Community strives to be a place for youth to hang out and experience a "true community" where they are accepted no matter what. 

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Throughout the year, Youth Community includes Sunday evening gatherings in the Youth Room (on the lower level), along with a variety of fun seasonal activities, several overnight retreats, and mission trip fundraisers .  

The summer mission trip is the highlight of the year for most of the Youth Community.  The goal of these mission trips is to show youth an aspect of life that they may not necessarily be exposed to in their daily lives in both urban and rural settings.  In doing so, we strive to both raise awareness of those around us who may be less fortunate and to lend a helping hand to those who need it.  Youth are empowered to make a change for good in the world while offering respect and dignity to the community where we serve.   To get a sense of these amazing trips, check at the Youth Community Mission Trip Blog at!

The memories and connections made at First Church's Youth Community last long after graduation, with many returning years later to serve as leaders.   

For more information on First Church of Lombard's Youth Community, contact Educational Ministries Coordinator by emailing or calling (630) 629-2630, ext. 215.