Church Council

Denise Dabisch


The Church Clerk is responsible for keeping an accurate record of proceedings of meetings.

The Treasurer’s role is to record all financial transactions of the church and to authorize payment of bills for approved expenditures of the church.

Scott Garrett

Christian Formation


Christian Formation is responsible for initiating, coordinating, administering, and evaluating educational ventures of the church, and will recruit, train, and support member who staff these efforts.

Management is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of all properties of the church, and for the physical equipment of the church.

Heather Mesli

Parish Life

Parish Life is responsible for all the evangelism and church growth programs, including outreach to new residents, new member orientation and assimilation and the development of publicity materials.

Wider Church is responsible for developing, supporting, and encouraging projects and activities, local and world-wide for Christian service.

Worship is responsible to work with the Minister in all matters relating to worship. It will advise and assist the Minister by providing music, readings and the theme of services. 

Fritz Geiger

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry is responsible for initiating, coordinating, administering, and evaluating programming focused on 6th grade through high school youth of the church. 

The Moderator’s role is to preside at all meetings of the congregation and to serve as the chair of Church Council

Rev. Jill Terpstra

Senior Minister

The Pastor's role is to bring her UCC and overall organization knowledge to the council.

Jason Cooper


The Vice Moderator’s role is  to preside at all meetings of the congregation and Church Council in the absence of the Moderator.